The Sunset Hiway Cruisers Car Club hosts 2 to 4 major car shows each year in Issaquah, Washington.  Our venue is the historic Triple X Drive In Restaurant located at 98 NE Gilman Blvd, in Issaquah.  In addition to our shows, we supply security and crowd control, along with technical and moral support to nearly 30 other car clubs who also use the Triple X as their home show site.  We're not big on bylaws and rituals but we have a lot of fun for a bunch of mostly retired guys.

All of our net proceeds are donated to Life Enrichment Options (LEO), a community-based non-profit organization, which advocates for and works to support individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their life style goals through supportive housing, recreation and employment opportunities and community education.  Over the years LEO has received almost $100,000 because of your donations and entry fees.  LEO and the Sunset Hiway Cruisers thank you.

Most shows begin at 8 AM, most Sundays from February through October, rain or shine. Music is always a part of the Sunday shows and you can also find a DJ spinning the top tunes from the 50's and 60's every Saturday afternoon from May through September.  That's our time to bench race, tell tall tales, and take life easy.  Bring your ride down, stop by and introduce yourself.  If you think the Sunset Hiways Cruisers sounds like fun, we are always looking for new members.

Please be aware that we use the Virginia Mason parking lot next to the Triple X for the car shows on Saturday evenings and Sundays with their kind permission.  Please respect this privilege VM has offered us by keeping the area clean and picking up after your children and pets.  Additional parking is also available across Gilman Blvd and  along the street. 

Next Event:  Dec 6 14th Jingle Bell Cruz/Toys 4 Tots 425-392-1266 10 AM start

New this week: Pumpkin Bash

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The Sunset Hiway Cruisers Car Club offers something for everyone.  Vintage, classic, custom, hot rods, street rods, motorcycles, almost anything on wheels is welcome at the over 30 car shows we host or support each year.  Stop in at the Triple X Drive In Restaurant and check out the cars and grab a famous Triple X burger and shake.

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Marv's '37 Ford
Marv's AV8-60
Steve's '38 Ford
Dick and Molly's '32
Ron's '62 Corvette
Phil and Renee's Corvette
Phil and Renee's beautiful 1950 Chev

Sunset Hiway Cruisers Car Club

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